Da Vinci VR POCKET (white)

Współpraca z B2BVR przy nadruku nalepek na Da Vinci VR JULY 2016

In collaboration with the largest VR store in Poland - Happy VR the white product called Da Vinci VR POCKET has been created. It's adapted to quick and cheap branding of our goggles. Realisation from 10 pcs!!! Please contact team, they have extensive knowledge of VR.


Nowy produkt Da Vinci VR POCKET JULY 2016

So it happened! Our new cardboard goggles are out! The construction and design are almost the same as in the previous version but... the goggles fit in a tiny 13.8x24.1x1.4cm box and their folding/unfolding takes only 30 seconds! Additionally, they come equipped with a very comfortable foam padding for the nose!

Da Vinci VR Optic PRO

Nowy produkt Da Vinci VR Optic PRO MARCH 2016

Especially for the PYRKON 2016 festival we had prepared a prototype of the plastic VR goggles. It proved to be excellent, particularly the glass optics of our product. FOV is immense and aberrations are at the lowest level possible! Optical glass gives fantastic quality even at the view edges which enhances the VR experience!


Nasze stoisko na PYRKON 2016 APRIL 2016

On the 8 April 2016 we had an opportunity to take part in fantasy fan convention PYRKON. Thanks to our partners such as: ASUS, KINGSTON, PHILIPS, RACER, SCREENEO our stand was equipped with the highest quality hardware! The new plastic goggles attracted the greatest attention, they have potential!

Nomination for the product of the year CHIP 2016

Nominacja do produktu roku CHIP 2016 FEBRUARY 2016

Readers of the largest computer magazine CHIP nominated Da Vinci VR Button to the product of the year 2016. Regardless of the fact that we didn't succeed we are really pleased, since we received a great number of votes!

Da Vinci VR Wood

Nowy produkt Da Vinci VR Wood MARCH 2016

Da Vinci VR Wood is a cheaper alternative to the plastic version with 37mm plastic lenses. FOV is at the optical glass level but has significantly lower optical parameters. It's just a fraction heavier than the cardboard version and the construction is really durable.


Da Vinci VR Button

Nowy produkt Da Vinci VR Button SEPTEMBER 2015

On 20 September 2015 our first product Da Vinci VR BUTTON was launched. Innovative project of goggles with adjustable lenses and patented button which we possess as the only brand in Europe! Designer shape makes our product stand out in the sea of Google Cardboard kits.

Honourable mention in Mobility magazine

Wyróżnienie w gazecie MOBILITY dla Da Vinci VR Button SEPTEMBER 2015

Mobility magazine during tests of our goggles stated: "This new product outclasses all the cardboard competition, even the majority of expensive VR headsets in terms of the image. Giving up the magnet in favour of a special stylus is a functional solution thanks to which the switch works with every mobile phone. Worth buying and possess distinctive image quality."